President Cortizo Cohen received the team from Colón, Major League Baseball Champion 2023

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, received the champions of the 2023 major baseball tournament, the ninth of Colón, in the Yellow Room of the Presidency of the Republic, whom he congratulated on the feat of winning the national major baseball championship.

President Cortizo Cohen stressed that in order to be a champion in life, perseverance, discipline, sacrifice, unity and faith are needed.

“Colón occupies a special place in my heart, since my political life began in that province, regardless of the fact that my mother was born in Los Santos,” said the chief executive.

He also referred to the 1,008 abandoned projects that this administration received, such as the Ciudad de la Salud, the Hospital del Niño, the Amador Guerrero in Colón, the Dely Valdés stadium and the Mariano Bula stadium, among others, which he has rescued for the benefit of the country.

The president thanked the visit of the ninth team from Colón and stressed that “I feel proud of the team, because Colón is in my heart and without Colón I would not have been able to be in front of you.”

Edgard Muñoz, a player from Colón, spoke on behalf of the team and thanked the president for receiving them at the Presidency of the Republic.

“We are proud of the effort of all the players who gave themselves up for the jersey, and we were more than a team, a family, throughout the entire tournament. Let’s keep doing things right for our province,” he said.

The players were invited by the president to visit the Cabinet Council Room.

They accompanied the President of the Republic Cortizo Cohen, the director of the Panamanian Institute of Sports (Pandeportes) Luis Denis Arce, the president of the Panamanian Baseball Federation, Benicio Robinson and on behalf of the authorities of the province of Colón, Governor Irasema of Go ahead; Mayor Alex Lee; the adviser for affairs of the province of Colón, Ali Waked and the president of the baseball league, Miguel Salas.

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