Bergara said that the coalition remains for "prevent the FA from ruling again"

Bergara said that the coalition remains for "prevent the FA from ruling again"

The senator of the Broad Front, Mario Bergara, said that the request for the resignation of the minister Irene Moreira by President Luis Lacalle Pou and then the permanence of Cabildo Abierto in the coalition is a “more or less foreseeable outcome”.

On the one hand, Moreira’s delivery of a house to a Cabildo militant it is a “fact that has the appearance of irregularity, of corruption” even to the point of “it could have the appearance of criminality”, hence “the president does what he has to do”, said to Double click (Of the sun). Bergara’s opinion coincides with that expressed by his partner from the Convocatoria Seregnista Progresistas, Senator Liliam Kechichian.

Regarding the decision of the party led by Guido Manini Ríos to remain in the party alliance, the legislator pointed out that “What united the coalition at the time continues to unite it, which is to prevent the Broad Front from governing again.”

Criminal appearance in the Moreira case

Bergara referred to the alleged criminal appearance in the conduct of the former Minister of Housing who assigned at least five houses directly between 2021 and 2022

“If there is no norm that effectively enables the minister to act in this way beyond the fact that one can discuss whether it should be done or not, from an ethical point of view, abuse of functions or conjunction of public and private interest could be configured. We must go deeper into the legal field,” said the senator. “From the Broad Front We would not hesitate to make the corresponding complaint in the criminal field”he added.

“Reference is made to a resolution from 2009 that was associated with a project financed by an international organization, but which was aimed at certain circumstances. First, it was a quota for those people who did not have the conditions to participate in the lottery for the allocation of housing. They were in worse socioeconomic conditions to the point that they did not have the ability to participate in the raffle,” Bergara maintained. “It was not the case in this one,” she said in relation to the case of the Cabildo Abierto militant.

According to the senator, “during the Broad Front governments They were cases requested by the Prosecutor’s Officethe majority associated with the reassignment of housing for protected witnesses in criminal cases or for very special cases” and cases of domestic violence. “It was not a matter of political patronage,” he said.

In the administration of his party, “it was not something that was resolved politically from the orbit of the minister himself, but rather it was something that was in the orbit, with a protocol, of the National Housing Directorate”.

Santiago González “should put retirement on the table”

The senator also said that the director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, Santiago González, should “put on the table the possibility of retiring” after acknowledge that he received care at the Police Hospital. for Bergara is “unusual” that one of the people who most denounced as irregular the attention in the hospital of hierarchs or relatives of hierarchs of the Ministry of the Interior “also did it”.

M24 reported that González withdrew medicines from the Police Hospital pharmacy. The chief denied it. but finally this Tuesday he acknowledged that he received an injection there for lower back pain.

From the ruling party they criticized and they even investigated the alleged care of Frente Amplista leaders who were not police officers at the Police Hospitalsuch as the former director general of the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior Charles Carrera or the wife of former minister Eduardo Bonomi, Deputy Susana Pereyra.

In the Broad Front, “in principle we did not have the vision that this was not appropriate,” said Bergara. “Historically, hierarchs of the Ministry of the Interior had authorized care at the Police Hospital,” he said. However, the senator pointed out that González was one of the most active people in denouncing the irregularity of that this be done.

“It takes away all credibility and support to an action by someone who, with this double discourse, is later difficult to believe in a place as delicate as the Citizen Coexistence Directorate,” said the senator.

In August 2022, the former Director General of the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, Luis Calabria, resigned after acknowledging that an ophthalmological consultation had been made at the Police Hospital.

Asked if González should do the same, Bergara replied: “Part of your self-criticism process should be at least putting the possibility of leaving on the table. It would seem a fairly logical corollary of that situation.”

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