President Boric in his last interview of the year: “The result of the plebiscite was a telluric moment for the Government”

President Gabriel Boric took stock of what his first nine months in La Moneda have been and addressed various events that his Government has had to face, such as the criminal situation in the country, the rejection in the exit plebiscite and the failed process to appoint a new National Prosecutor.

in conversation with track xthe President referred to the result of the exit plebiscite on September 4, evidencing how complicated the Rejection of the new Constitution was for his Government.

“There are moments of very difficult divisions or complex moments, the result of the plebiscite, without a doubt, was a telluric moment for the Government, but they are part of the challenges of the art of governing, I do not dramatize it. I am motivated, I am happy and I have an internal optimism that allows me to remain happy,” he said.

Regarding the situation in the country, the President pointed out that “I would say that we received a country in a very critical situation after the pandemic, the social outbreak, a lot of mistrust in the institutions, and we closed the year with a country that is moving forward, with a country that has managed to direct its conflicts”.

“I know that next year, particularly the first semester, is not going to be easy in economic terms, but I have seen the work that our ministers are deploying and, well, the will of the people as to how Chile is capable of moving forward in the difficult moments and the truth is that I see the future with optimism”, he added.

On the other hand, President Boric referred to the various acts of violence currently affecting the country, recalling the aggression experienced by his brother near the University of Chile.

“I think it was very frustrating to see how they beat him. He ended up with serious injuries; but also, violence became natural for a long time in our society, where there were people who felt empowered and impunity to destroy a local and that if someone stopped them, ignore all kinds of authority. I think that we have to recover: trust, “he commented.

“I think we have to recover the sense of authority, I think it is important to recover the sense of solidarity. This is something that is at the base and in the essence of education and we have to lead by example,” he added.

Along the same lines and emphasizing the above, the President maintained that “when a guy dressed as a cook arrives in Congress in politics and others with a ball doing a show, or when we are not up to the responsibility of the positions we inhabit, I believe that we are doing great damage to that climate of coexistence and I am interested in promoting dialogue, the meeting between the different and I have tried to govern under that criteria”.

“Agreement for Chile”

President Gabriel Boric referred to the constitutional agreement reached between the political parties and, while acknowledging that not everything that was sought was achieved, he defended the “democratic nature” of the points agreed upon by the parties.

“I would have liked us to win the plebiscite to exit the first process, but that was not the case. There was a failure of the sectors that were with the Approve. It is evident that in the face of a defeat of this magnitude it is politically unfeasible to repeat exactly the same thing, so not knowing that and believing that we are going to do exactly the same, I think it has no basis,” he declared.

Failed National Prosecutor process

Finally, the President referred to the troubled process to search for a new National Prosecutor to replace the questioned Jorge Abbott. This, in a scenario where the Government accumulates two defeats after the refusals in the Senate to José Morales and Marta Herrera.

In this sense, the head of state indicated that he hopes that said designation will materialize as soon as possible, and that “all the institutions and the Senate in particular understand the importance of moving forward with this process.”

“I think that what has happened is bad for the institutions, it shows that changes must be made in the nomination process,” Boric said.

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