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Covid-19: PF concludes inquiry into misinformation about vaccine

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The Federal Police (PF) concluded the investigation opened against President Jair Bolsonaro to investigate the alleged spread of misinformation during the covid-19 pandemic.

In the final report of the investigation sent to the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the delegate responsible for the case understood that Bolsonaro committed the criminal misdemeanor of provoking alarm and the crime of incitement during a live broadcast on October 21, 2021.

In the understanding of the delegate Lorena Nascimento, when citing, during the transmission, that official reports from the United Kingdom would have pointed out that fully vaccinated people would be developing the AIDS virus, the president produced disinformation “capable of producing alarm among viewers who had access to the content ”.

For the PF, the information “would be taken as true by those who viewed it”. According to the Brazilian Society of Infectology, there is no relationship between the vaccine against covid-19 and the development of the disease.

About another part of livethe PF claims that, by saying that victims of the Spanish flu, which emerged in 1918, would have died because of bacterial pneumonia due to the use of a mask, the president promoted “a real incentive for non-compliance with the use of masks”.

When finalizing the document, the delegate also accuses Mauro Cesar Barbosa Cid, Bolsonaro’s assistant, of assisting in the production of content considered to be disinformation.

“We conclude this criminal investigation by concluding that there is sufficient concrete evidence of authorship and materiality to attest that Jair Messias Bolsonaro and Mauro Cesar Barbosa Cid, in a public contest, committed the crimes of provoking alarm, announcing disaster or non-existent danger. , or perform any act capable of producing panic or turmoil, provided for in art. 41 of the Criminal Misdemeanors Law, as well as incitement to crime, provided for in art. 286 of the Brazilian Penal Code”, concluded the investigation.

With the completion of the investigation, the rapporteur of the investigation, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, must ask for an opinion from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). There is no deadline for adjudicating the case.

THE Brazil Agency contacted the Presidency of the Republic and is awaiting a response.

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