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President attends sergeants graduation in Rio de Janeiro

President Jair Bolsonaro participated, this Thursday (2), in the graduation ceremony for students of the sergeant graduation course at the School of Sergeants of Logistics, in Vila Militar, west of Rio de Janeiro. Before the ceremony, Bolsonaro met with the graduates and wished them good luck. In a speech to the new sergeants, who were profiled in Pátio Duque de Caxias, the president said that they are a part of the Brazilian people, to which they owe their loyalty.

Bolsonaro highlighted that today is a day of satisfaction and joy for all graduates, who faced difficulties in the last two years of the course. “After two difficult years, you managed to graduate. More than just an example, Brazil has enormous trust in each one of you. We have a wonderful homeland, which has everything to grow and be a much bigger nation. As fate would have it, as God would have it, I would elect myself President of the Republic in a very uncertain framework, but what counts for all of us is faith and perseverance. The desire to grow and the incessant struggle”, he stated.

The president also highlighted that the obstacles must be overcome and that there are no insurmountable obstacles. “The difficult missions we will fulfill, the impossible ones we will leave in God’s hands”, said Bolsonaro. He emphasized the great satisfaction of returning to the state of Rio de Janeiro, where he served most of his time in the military and where he was elected and reelected for 30 years, from councilor to federal deputy, and completed by recalling that in 2018 he was elected president of the Republic.

In his speech, Bolsonaro recalled the approval of the name of the former Minister of Justice and former Attorney General of the Union André Mendonça, yesterday (1st) by the Senate, to occupy a position as Minister at the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Mendonça had been nominated more than four months ago for the vacancy created with the retirement of Minister Marco Aurélio Mello. “Today, for me and all Christians, is also a very happy day. Yesterday, we managed to send a terribly evangelical man to the Supreme Court. A commitment of ours to send to the Supreme Court a person who has God in his heart,” he said.

Returning to the graduates, the president asked that they never forget to have gratitude during their lives. “Nobody achieves anything alone. We always depend on a father, a mother, a brother, a friend, to achieve our goals. Time will pass, you will be promoted and you will one day reach the end of your career. The satisfaction of having fulfilled your duty is the greatest legacy you can leave for all of us”, he added.

According to the president, the Armed Forces will always fight to ensure compliance with the Constitution. “Brazil is a unique country. Nobody has what we have, but remember one thing: there is a greater good for us, greater than even our own life, which is our freedom. A man or woman without freedom does not live, and in this our Armed Forces will never stop fighting to guarantee our Constitution, our democracy and our freedom.”

“I thank God for my life and mission. I thank you for existing. Congratulations on embracing this wonderful career of being a military man in the Armed Forces. Hug to everyone. God, country, family”, he concluded.

The president was accompanied at the graduation ceremony by the ministers of Defense, Braga Netto; the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Augusto Heleno, and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Luiz Eduardo Ramos.President attends sergeants graduation in Rio de Janeiro

In all, 398 students from all regions of the country graduated and were promoted to third sergeant. The 279 men and 119 women will now work in various barracks across the country.

At the end of the ceremony, they sang the school’s farewell anthem, paraded and, no longer in profile, celebrated the end of the graduation period. Relatives of trainees also attended the ceremony.

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