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President Abinader has works for more than RD $ 979 million in Monsignor Nouel

Abinader has works for more than RD $ 979 million in Monsignor Nouel

Bonao – President Luis Abinader ordered this Wednesday the construction of various works in the Monseñor Nouel province, including the new municipal market, streets, sidewalks, curbs and speed bumps, with an invasion of more than 979 million pesos.

The president also reported that investments include 474 million pesos for the construction of various water distribution systems, including the multiple aqueduct of Maimón Piedra Blanca.

He announced the construction of the multiple aqueduct of Sonador for 224 million through the National Institute of Potable Waters and Sewers (INAPA).

In addition, the expansion of the multiple aqueduct of Maimón Piedra Blanca, for an amount of 250 million, work that will go to tender in December 2021.

The ruler reported that in the first and second semesters of 2022 they will be starting the projects according to the schedule of the Monsignor Nouel province.

The president also announced that the Green Villa Liberación corridor and the Rice corridors of the city of Bonao, the Fire Station, as well as the mixed courts for sports in the Platanitos, Las Palmas and Brisa sectors will be built. of the Yuma.

The head of state said that the government he presides, through the Bonao City Council, is going to undertake the largest investment ever seen in this municipality.

“This historic investment responds to our vision and government action, investing in people and in their day to day,” he proclaimed.

He said that for too long nearby politics ceased to matter, which he is discontinuing.

“That is why I am here, in Bonao, with you, to listen to your demands, your concerns and also to provide solutions,” he says. He stressed that the revolution of simple things changes everything.

At the end of the first term of construction of the market, President Abinader delivered two new buses to the Bonao Student Association, a requirement in the meetings with the neighborhood councils.

Aqueduct of Sonador

The Sonador multiple aqueduct is divided into three parts:

Construction of the new regulating reservoir and conduction line and of the new multiple aqueduct for 40 million. In the bidding process.

The construction of the new intake and adduction line for 16 million. In the bidding process.

Construction of the new water treatment plant for the aqueduct for 98 million pesos. The tender will be from next week.

Also, through a raffle today November 25, the construction of multiple aqueduct networks for 75 million.

50 houses, multipurpose and stadium

President Abinader left the Las Mercedes de Sabana del Puerto Community Club inaugurated in Bonao, in a ceremony where the delivery of 50 homes in Juan Adrián was announced, in compliance with the requests of community members.

The multipurpose, built by a

Amount of 4 million 674,305.91 pesos, was requested by Mrs. Juana Capellán on May 6, 2021, in the customary meetings that the president conducts in the National Palace with representatives of neighborhood associations. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dimercy De La Cruz, had requested the 50 homes in Juan Adrián, at an investment of 28 million 588,927.50 pesos. These houses, built in 52 days, were equipped by the Social Plan of the Presidency.

The president of the Presidential Commission to Support Neighborhood Development, Rolfi Rojas, highlighted the importance of the work for the benefit of the community.

Present, the provincial governor, Raquel Jiménez; the mayor of Sabana del Puerto, Juanito Romero and Father Rogelio Cruz, president of the foundation that bears his name. Cruz reported that President Abinader ordered the renovation of the José Luis Vargas Little League Stadium.

Eraleisy Vásquez López also participated on behalf of her husband, Senator Héctor Acosta.

Town hall time

President Abinader said that the time has come for municipalities to receive more resources, not to spend more, but to invest better.

Referring to the decentralization of public investments, President Luis Abinader observed that since he assumed power on August 16, 2020, they are working for the institutional strengthening of local governments, the improvement of the quality of services, the democratization of municipal management and that they have better financing.

“We have the municipalities. And the municipalities must have their people. This is the roadmap ”, he emphasized.

And I add; “It is time to structure the territory of the Dominican Republic. It is time for local development and for it to become a priority of future public policies ”.

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