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Presents Va por México alternative proposal for the electrical reform

Roberto Garduno

Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, April 4, 2022, p. 3

The opposition bloc formed by the National Action (PAN), Institutional Revolutionary (PRI) and Democratic Revolution (PRD) parties, known as Va por México, will present today its proposal for additions to the draft constitutional reform decree on electrical matters that it is found in the joint commissions of Energy and Constitutional Points of the Chamber of Deputies.

Separately, from that same bloc, the PRI called to go to its national headquarters at 10 in the morning, where paradoxically it will strengthen its support for the text of this alliance, but will grant individual responsibility to its legislators, who will be able to vote conscientiously and freely. .

In this way, the option is opened so that the presidential proposal, which will precisely be elaborated today in the joint commissions of Constitutional Points and Energy of the Chamber of Deputies, presumably receives the support of 57 PRI deputies, a sufficient number to reach the qualified majority in plenary session and approve the text without substantive changes.

That position would stem from the demand of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the PRI to join the postulates of his electric proposal, moved by the nationalist struggle –in the past– of the Institutional Revolutionary. So the leadership of tricolor headed by Alejandro Moreno and its coordinator Rubén Moreira could open the door to the approval process with the helpful freedom of conscience, when voting in the plenary session.

In this way, the legislative route is clarified so that next week, in San Lázaro, it will be possible to approve the electrical reform of President López Obrador.

But, even so, this Monday after noon, at the Hilton hotel in the capital’s Historic Center, Va por México will make public its proposal for changes, which it has argued is irreducible if its votes approving the electricity reform are wanted. That situation would result in we will see once the vote of the PRI members would be free and conscientious.

For her part, Morena in the Chamber of Deputies invited legislators from all parties to reflect and define their position regarding this debate. I call on you to think for the good of the country, to be good Mexicansexplained Ignacio Mier Velazco.

We are going to regret it all our lives if this proposal is rejected; Let’s look at the case of Spain and Portugal, where there are already severe problems in the energy generation, distribution and marketing marketexpressed that political force through its coordinator.

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