Prada sees 'articulation' against the Government in the census demand

Prada sees ‘articulation’ against the Government in the census demand

September 21, 2022, 4:00 AM

September 21, 2022, 4:00 AM

The Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, went into a tailspin against the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho. among other adjectives He called him a “liar and incapable” to question his management.

The authority also disqualified the technical proposal prepared by the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University (Uagrm) for the census to be carried out in 2023 and said that, with this, there is an “articulation” to destabilize the government of President Luis Arce. He compared this scenario to that of 2019, when Evo Morales sought to be elected for a fourth term, despite the constitutional prohibition.

The proposal they sent lacked full technical support and this was verified by international organizations. They had more newspaper clippings than actual technical studies. They have submitted another proposal; It is being analyzed and all the shortcomings of that proposal will also be made known,” the minister anticipated.

The rector of the Uagrm, Vicente Cuéllar, recalled that since the beginning of this year they requested the National Institute of Statistics (INE) technical information on the census. He regretted that after “six notes sent” the response from the INE was a request to refer to the data that is on the website. “If they do not recognize that these data are official, we are in serious institutional problems. and improvisation,” he said.

The academic authority also recalled that The INE also did not fulfill the commitment to send timely information after the meeting on August 15. “They sent us the same slides that they presented to us that day and we felt mocked,” said the rector, who claimed the Government’s lack of seriousness.

Given this, The Santa Cruz institutionality convened a council for next September 30 to make decisions regarding the regional demand to anticipate the great surveyinitially planned for this, which was postponed to the first half of 2024. A few hours ago, the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) joined the Santa Cruz demand.

There is an articulation of certain groups with some other groupsas we have seen in unfortunate statements, on behalf of Adepcoca, although that is not the meaning of the cocalero family,” Prada said at a press conference, insisting on the existence of a plan to destabilize the government.

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