Portability: they enable changing up to 100 numbers at a time and facilitate the process for companies

The Communication Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec) enabled multiple number portabilitywhich allows them to be carried out up to 100 carriers at a time. number portability entered into force on January 12. Since then, users they can change phone companies without losing their number.

As explained from Ursec to The Observerwhen it began to be implemented, “for instrumental and operational purposes”, began with single portingwhich allowed users request the performance of between one and four portings at a time, both natural and legal persons (companies). This implied that a person or company, for example, in the case of wanting to port 16 numbers to another company, You should make four requests including four numbers in each one.

With the enablement of multiple porting, in a single request, from five to 100 lines can be ported. This measure is beneficial Mainly for companies that want to do it.

The first data

In the first three weeks of application of number portability, Antel was the only one of the three telephone companies that had a positive balance of customers who used the tool to change carriers without losing your number.

According to data held by the authorities, closed as of February 1, Antel had a positive net balance of some 1,100 clients counting income and expenses through number portability. Movistar had in the first weeks a negative net balance of about a thousand users, and Clear about twenty customersaccording to official figures accessed The Observer.

Portions still represent a portion tiny of the more than 4.5 million mobile phone services that exist in Uruguayaccording to Ursec data.

Change company and keep the number

To start the process, the user who wants to port must request it to the company to which he wants to change. Companies have various commercial channels, both digital and face-to-face.

The company chosen by the user will connect with the ABD, which will be in charge of carrying out the intermediation between the donor company (the current provider of the service) and the recipient company (the one chosen by the client to migrate). The user will receive a code by text message (NIP), which will be their identification number and will allow them to verify that the procedure was started. With this number you can follow the progress of the migration process through the portal

The ABD will be in charge of certifying with the donor company that whoever expressed the intention to carry is the owner of the service; the type of contractual link you have (prepaid or postpaid user); if you have due debt; what costs are associated with your service, and other requirements that may be considered rejection, which are established in the Number Portability Regulation.

It will be reason for rejection that the information received by the user is incomplete or incorrect; when the number to be ported is reported as lost, stolen or stolen by the donor operator; when it is suspended due to lack of payment or there is an enforceable debt; when the number has been terminated or deactivated due to fraud or illegal use.

Portability: they enable changing up to 100 numbers at a time and facilitate the process for companies

The times

From the entry of the request and to the effective migration of the servicemay not exceed three business days counted from the day following the registration of the port request.

Once approved, the service will be migrated in a window period that cannot be greater than three hours, at a defined time between hours 0 and 6. During the migration period, the user may not have active service.

The entire process will be controlled and regulated by Ursec, that will give guarantees that it is carried out within the established protocols

The users they will be able to port their number between companies a maximum of three times per year, with a minimum period of permanence in each company of 30 days.

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