Population and Housing Census will be carried out from January 8 to March 4, 2023, with an investment of $54 million

The Comptroller General of the Nation, Gerardo Solís, reported this Tuesday that the National Population Census XII and Housing VIII, will begin on January 8, 2023 and will last 56 days, until March 4.

These censuses were to be carried out on May 24, 2020, however, they were not carried out due to logistical differences between contractors and the issue of the pandemic.

For his part, Samuel Moreno, director of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Inec), of the Comptroller General, highlighted that the total investment of the population and housing censuses will be $54.7 million, clarifying that $20 million have already been used in the acquisition of equipment.

He explained that around seven thousand enumerators will be required and their training will begin in December of this year.

Moreno stressed that technological devices will be used during the days of the census, however, in the county areas where there is no internet access, the census will be done manually.

Between September 18 and October 15, a test will be carried out in three regions of the country to analyze the operation of the equipment and procedures.

For this test, the dormitory cities will be taken into account, which is why the areas of Capira, Tocumen and Colón were chosen for the data collection tests.

For this testing period, 169 collaborators will be recruited. In addition, in the census questionnaire, it will be taken into account to ask the person if he is considered to be within a particular ethnic group.

The country will be divided into 136 census regions and for this it will be necessary to recruit two thousand supervisors.

The preliminary results of this census would be given in the month of July 2023 and the final ones will be revealed in September.

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