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Popular Digital Services facilitate payments with contactless cards

Azul is part of the payment solution for Popular digital services.

AZUL, the payment solution of Servicios Digitales Popular, a subsidiary of Grupo Popular, announced the launch of the functionality that will allow its customers to accept contactless (NFC) credit and debit card payments from a mobile phone or tablet.

In this way, the modality becomes a pioneer in a pioneering functionality in the Dominican Republic and in the insular Caribbean.

The new payment platform uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for both Visa and Mastercard cards. It is available for devices with Android operating system, through the “Tap” application that records the transactions processed by the business.

The advantages

Among its advantages, its versatility in terms of mobility stands out, allowing businesses to enable additional payment stations in their commercial locations, as well as the security it offers when processing the payment, since the client maintains custody of their card at all times. . The business or professional that receives payments through this new application will be able to send the receipt (voucher) to their clients via email or by showing a QR code, which the client can then scan on the site. Also, the trader will be able to check the transactions he made 24/7 from his mobile device. Azul is the first company dedicated to acquiring services to present this technology in the country. Eugene A. Rault Grullón, general manager of Servicios Digitales Popular, assured that, with this new facility, Azul continues its promise to evolve the payment market in the country, implementing methodologies available internationally and thereby benefiting all commercial sectors. and to the final consumer. “Azul will take advantage of this new service to expand its reach to small and medium-sized businesses that still only accept cash, helping them to go digital with a solution that can be quickly installed and deployed to start selling from their mobiles,” said the executive.

Solution will impact service portfolio

This contactless payment solution will strengthen the portfolio of services that AZUL makes available to all types of business, personal or established company, explained in a press release the Executive Vice Presidency of Corporate Communication of Grupo Popular. Servicios Digitales Popular’s business solution is a pioneer in the country and the region.

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