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Pope Francis denounces that Nicaraguans are prohibited from celebrating their faith in public

Pope Francis once again referred to the situation in Nicaragua and the serious religious persecution that the country’s Church is experiencing in his message on the occasion of the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus.

“Support, Lord, the Christian communities that today celebrate Easter in particular circumstances, such as in Nicaragua (…), and remember all those who are prevented from freely and publicly professing their faith,” said the pontiff from the main balcony from Saint Peter’s Square this Sunday, April 9.

Francisco’s words about Nicaragua come exactly one month after he said in an interview with a digital media outlet in Argentina that the Ortega regime reminded him of the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin, and he assured that he saw an “imbalance” in the proceeding against the Church of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

“With great respect, I have no choice but to think about an imbalance in the person who leads (Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo). There we have a bishop in prison, a very serious man, very capable. He wanted to give his testimony and did not accept exile. It is something that is outside of what we are experiencing, it is as if it were bringing the communist dictatorship of 1917 or the Hitlerite dictatorship of 1935, bringing the same here… They are a type of rude dictatorships. Or, to use a cute distinction from Argentina, guarangas. Guarangas”, said on that occasion the highest leader of the Church.

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Holy Week in Nicaragua has passed in the midst of strong tensions. The Managua regime has forced Christians to be locked up inside the parishes and all processions have been prohibited in the streets of the country.

However, and despite the religious persecution in crescendo, the Catholic media have reported an increase in the attendance of the faithful at Holy Week religious services.

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