Political trial: responses to requests for reports from Cosse divide the ruling party and the opposition

In September, the mayors of the capital approved a summons to the mayor Carolina Cosse, with the aim that the hierarch explain what they understood as a failure to respond to requests for information. Yesterday ㅡ designated date for the mayor’s appearance before the Departmental Board ㅡ Cosse did not attendwhich led to the start impeachment of the mayor of Montevideo.

Why did this situation come about? According to the National Party, because the mayor has tried “skip all the control mechanisms established in the Constitution of the Republic”: “Numerous unanswered requests for reports and calls to the room where the mayor has not attended have marked her management,” says a statement published yesterday afternoon.

A fundamental point in the dispute between mayors and mayor is the fulfillment of the requests for reports.

According to the nationalist mayor Javier Barrios Bove, In this management, a total of 275 were answered: 31 within the established period of time, and 244 out of date. In addition, the mayor in his report also points out that there were 88 requests for information that were not answered, even those that were reiterated once the term had expired. The study estimates 363 report requests as of July 20, 2022.

Contrary to what was established by Barrios Bove, the Municipality of Montevideo maintained in a statement that “Responded 100% of the requests for reports requested by the Departmental Board.”

The letter details that it is a total of 468 requests for reports requested by the Departmental Board of Montevideo in less than two years: “During 2021 A total of 234 were requested, which were answered in a timely manner. So far in 2022 already Some 234 were requested, of which 225 were answered and the remaining nine are within the legal term to be answered”.

They also pointed out that they also receive requests for access to public information from the general public. The statement states that in 2020 there was 98.31% satisfaction with the citizen request and in 2021, 98.93%. The data corresponding to 2022 will be processed at the end of the current year.

Following this line ㅡ and with the aim of justifying Cosse’s non-appearance ㅡ, the administration maintained that according to the Constitution of the Republic the figure of acting mayor does not have the personal obligation to appear in case all the requests for reports from the mayors are answered.

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