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Integration Subcommittee presents balance of Isla de Aves and Chacopata

The Subcommittee on Integration and Border Affairs presented this Wednesday before the plenary session of the Permanent Commission on Foreign Policy a balance of its tour of Isla de Aves and Chacopata, visits made as part of the Territorial Integration Plan.

The president of the subcommittee, deputy Vanesa Montero, explained that the forum “Migration and Human Mobility” that they dictated in Chacopata, Cruz Salmerón Acosta municipality of Sucre state, allowed to verify the reality of the population, because it is a sensitive areawith great maritime activity and geostrategic importance with Trinidad and Tobago, refers to a press release.

The also second vice president of the National Assembly (AN), highlighted that in the heat of the debate, relevant topics such as migration, refugees, forced displacement, political asylum, among others, were touched upon, taking into account the geostrategic importance of the population and its connection with the neighboring islands.

Monterio said that the activity in Chacopata had the participation of the mayor of the Cruz Salmerón Acosta municipality, Daniel Ruiz Rivero, and the ombudsman of the northeastern region, Juan Carlos Ramos. Montero advanced It is estimated that he will return to the island entity for a second parliamentary day next year 2023.

Exercising Sovereignty in Isla de Aves

Regarding the visit to Isla de Aves, the deputy explained that the forum on “The geostrategic importance of Isla de Aves” was held, led by the head of the Bolivarian Navy’s Hydrography, Oceanography, Meteorology and Nautical Mapping Service, Rear Admiral Oscar Mendoza Maldonado.

He stated that at the “Simón Bolívar” Naval Scientific Base, the frank deterioration of the facilities was verified. Therefore, revealed Montero, the motivation to attend these spaces has been to learn about their realities and be the voice in Parliament based on the permanent exercise of sovereignty by this subcommittee.

Montero announced that a visit to the border points of Castillete, located on the Guajira Peninsula, and Anacoco Island, Sifontes municipality of Bolívar state, is planned.

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