Andy García 11J

Political prisoner Andy García on hunger strike and held incommunicado

HAVANA, Cuba.- Cuban political prisoner Andy García Lorenzo is on a hunger strike and in a punishment cell in the Guamajal prison, Villa Clara province, his sister Roxana García Lorenzo denounced.

The young woman stated that the information came to them through prison inmates, who have called insistently alerting them to Andy’s situation, since her brother has been totally incommunicado for more than a month.

“We don’t know the reasons why he could have started the hunger strike, but nobody stands up for pleasure, they must have some strong reason. His life is in danger, ”warned Roxana García.

On August 13, the young protester of July 11 (11J) had to be rushed to the hospital due to food poisoning “which almost led to his death,” says the sister.

“The prisoners told us that he is still very thin and that he has not yet fully recovered,” he added.

Her boyfriend -and brother-in-law of Andy-, Jonatan López, explained that the authorities they refuse to give them information. This Wednesday the family visit was due but it was suspended due to Hurricane Ian, which affects the western part of the Island; the visit was moved to Friday but they do not trust the reliability of this type of information.

Andy García Lorenzo, 24 years old, was violently arrested on July 11 last year and sentenced to four years in prison for participating in the protests. He was released for five days last May and returned to prison, this time in a labor camp for inmates. The young man has refused to work and the prison authorities keep him isolated from the rest of the inmates.

In October of last year, Andy García went on a hunger strike also in terrible hygienic conditions: many insects and near a sewage pit; He spent five days urinating blood because the little water they gave him was not drinkable.

Due to the constant denunciations and expressions of support, the young man’s family remains under harassment by the Cuban repressive organs. His brother-in-law, Jonathan López, and his father, Pedro López, have an open investigation process for the alleged crimes of “disobedience” and “instigation to commit a crime”, respectively. Both, along with their sister, Roxana García, have also been detained on several occasions and have been under police surveillance.

“Once again, the injustice of the regime is demonstrated. We are not going to shut up. We demand to see or speak with him. What happens to him is the responsibility of the Cuban State Security”, sentenced Roxana García.

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