Manuel Cuesta Morúa y David D´Omni

Political police arrest and threaten Manuel Cuesta Morúa and David D´Omni

Havana Cuba. — Cuban opponent Manuel Cuesta Morúa and rapper David D’Omni were arrested this Saturday in Havana by political police agents, who warned them not to demonstrate on July 11, the date on which the first anniversary of the largest protests is celebrated. anti-government activities registered on the Island since 1959.

In statements offered to CubaNetCuesta Morúa explained that the arrest took place around 11 in the morning at D’Omni’s residence, located in the municipality of Guanabacoa, after both activists planned to meet there.

“When I was arriving at his house I saw someone on a motorcycle. I didn’t suppose he was from State Security, although he had all the looks and appearance of an agent. Later, David’s wife goes out and, when she returns, she tells us that the boy on the motorcycle was there calling the police, ”said the notorious dissident.

The arrest of both opponents was not violent, however, upon arrival at the Guanabacoa police station, the former was kept for several hours inside the patrol car, while the artist was taken to the unit.

“When we left, it was surrounded by police. There were two patrol cars, a jeep and a car, and several uniformed men with two State Security agents. They took us, first, to the Guanabacoa station, and after a while, they brought me to the Alamar station, where I live.”

The opposition leader explained that once, after the agents took him home, they warned him that they were not going to let him out if he “expressed any intention of doing so or actually went out,” because they would be there to prevent him.

“In my case, they didn’t talk much, I really don’t talk to them. David told me that they told him that we had a plan for July 11, which is completely absurd, ”he said.

The political police agents told Cuesta Morúa that they would be watching him “Sunday, Monday and probably until Wednesday.”

In addition to David D´Omni and Manuel Cuesta Morúa, numerous opponents, activists and independent journalists have been besieged, detained or interrogated in recent days. The objective: to prevent any attempt to demonstrate on July 11.

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