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José Ángel Mattar Oliva, the magistrate who opened the door for the trial

Gustavo Castillo Garcia

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday, July 10, 2022, p. 7

In July 2006, federal magistrate José Ángel Mattar Oliva issued the first arrest warrant against a former Mexican president, considering that there were sufficient elements to try Luis Echeverría Álvarez for genocide.

The former official was considered one of those responsible for having forged a plan to partially destroy the national group opposed to the government called the National Strike Council (CNH), made up of students and sympathizers of the 1968 student movement.

In its sentence it determined: “Crimes against life and attacks on bodily integrity were perpetrated against the students and people related to the student movement, as a result of the military and police siege, and the shooting by members of the Olimpia Battalion paramilitary group and other armed forces. , stationed in corridors, corridors and apartments of the Chihuahua building, the roof of the Santiaguito church, the Issste building and other surrounding properties and close to the square, presumably with agents of the Federal Judicial Police, the secret service, the Federal District rank-and-file soldiers and officers of the Presidential Guards, all of whom fired at the crowd and the regular troops that arrived at the scene.

“(…) The plan to end the student movement was not only to arrest the leaders of the 68 movement, but to exterminate its members, at least partially.”

The litigation lasted three years, time that Echeverría spent in house arrest, until on March 29, 2009 the granting of freedom was reported, with the reservations of the law, due to lack of elements to process it.

Through the Council of the Judiciary, in March 2009 it was reported that the members of the fifth collegiate court in criminal matters of the first circuit, the magistrates Rosa Guadalupe Malvina Carmona Roig, María Eugenia Estela Martínez Cardiel and Manuel Bárcena Villanueva, upon resolving an appeal review confirmed that the criminal action had not prescribed Y that the body of the crime of genocide was accredited.

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