Police who had been kidnapped in Valle del Cauca were handed over to the International Red Cross

Police who had been kidnapped in Valle del Cauca were handed over to the International Red Cross

After 13 days of kidnapping, the patrolman, Eleazar Esmith Vargas Ladino, regained his freedom in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Dagua, in the department of Valle del Cauca.

The release of the soldier was carried out with the mediation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which received the National Police patrolman who had been kidnapped on April 10 by the Residual Organized Armed Group, GAOR, from the Jaime Martínez Column.

Eleazar Vargas, had been held in an illegal checkpoint set up by members of the illegal armed group, in the municipality of Dagua, district of El Queremal.

“We facilitated this humanitarian operation so that this person could regain his freedom and reunite with his loved ones. We thank the parties involved for trusting us and allowing us to act as a neutral and impartial intermediary. The essence of our work is to be able to help, without distinction, those who are affected by armed conflicts and violence”, he mentioned. Kian Abbassian, head of the ICRC sub-delegation in Cali.

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After the uniformed man was handed over to members of the ICRC, he was assessed by police medical personnel and immediately transferred to the urban area, where he was reunited with his family.

“We will continue to talk with all armed actors, bilaterally and confidentially, to explain the work we do in different regions of Colombia and insist on our willingness to develop other humanitarian operations that help alleviate the suffering caused by armed conflicts” Abbassian added.

Worth noting that so far this year, four people have regained their freedom, thanks to humanitarian missions facilitated by the ICRC.

Through a statement, the illegal group also stated that the release corresponds to a supposed humanitarian gesture, indicating that members of this group have ended up assassinated after being detained by members of the public force in this same section of the country.

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Finally, The Metropolitan Police of Cali reported that from the moment of the kidnapping, the Director General of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, demanded the release of the patrolman. and gave instructions for the release of the member of the security forces.

“We are grateful for this humanitarian act and we reject the kidnapping of our uniformed officer,” said the General Juan Carlos León, Commander of the Cali Police

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