Police Santiago Olmedo, sentenced to three years in prison

Police Santiago Olmedo, sentenced to three years in prison

The policeman was accused of excess of force, after shooting down two criminals while stopping an assault. He defended a minor.

Dressed in his olive green uniform, the imbabureño policeman Santiago Olmedo reached the old Command of the National Police, where the decision of the judgment: three years and four months in prison. His defense says he will appeal.

Olmedo was accused of excess of force, as he killed two people involved in an armed robbery, on June 11, 2021. The uniformed man defended a minor from criminals.

“It is an unfair punishment. All the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office was objected to, “said Hugo Espíndola, defense attorney for Olmedo.

The police He said that the resolution seems unfair to him because in his work he saved the life of a minor. “That has been worth it, that today a minor can be on the streets, walking free,” he said and highlighted what is at least 900 fellow police officers who have criminal proceedings similar to yours.

reduced sentence

In principle, due to the type of crime for which Olmedo was accused, a sentence of 10 to 13 years in prison was expected.

His defense said that it was shown that the uniformed officer acted in favor of the life of the minor and in compliance with his work of defending citizenship and that the court took into account mitigating factors; for example, that after the attack, the police called an ambulance.

Jorge Arias, defense attorney, explained that the motivations of the judgment and that they will wait about a month to have the document in writing so that they can appeal. (AVV)


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