Agentes policiales recuperaron cuatro motocicletas que estaban reportadas como robadas por sus propietarios, según informó la Dirección Regional sur Central de la Policía.

Police recover 4 motorcycles that had been stolen from their owners

Police officers recovered four motorcycles that were reported as stolen by their owners, as reported by the South Central Regional Directorate of Police.

The means of transport in question were recovered on the main street of Las Clavellinas, after several hitherto unidentified men fled when noticing the presence of the uniformed men.

The recovered motorcycles are the X100 brands, chassis TBLPCM4J6M2000553: Tauro, chassis TARPCM50XMC0003586; Suzuki AX100, chassis TARPCM50XMC0003586 and Suzuki, chassis TARPCM50XMC0003586, all reported as stolen by their owners on different dates.

The four means of transport according to the institution of order, will be purged in the Department of Stolen Vehicle Recoveryfor the corresponding legal purposes.

In her report, the uniformed officer does not mention the names of the owners of the aforementioned motorcycles.

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