Policía identifica asesinos de mujer embarazada en Guaricanos

Police identify murderers of a pregnant woman in Guaricanos

Santo Domingo-. The alleged perpetrators of the death of a pregnant woman and a man of Haitian nationality were identified by the Police, in an event that occurred on Monday in the Los Multis neighborhood of The Guaricanos, in the Santo Domingo Norte municipality, neighboring the capital.

Those responsible, according to the Police, are “Campe William”, “Yan Carlos” and “La Tata”, against whom arrest warrants have been issued.

The institution urged the fugitives to turn themselves in by the means they deem appropriate, so that they answer for the facts they are accused of.

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These subjects are accused of shooting dead Adee Katherine Paulino27 years old, and the Haitian, Felipe Cadet, whom the thugs went to rob at his house and when he resisted, they shot and one of the bullets hit the young pregnant woman, who was passing by.

The creature, about seven months old, was saved by doctors from the Ney Arias Lora Hospital, in Santo Domingo Norte, according to the authorities’ report.

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