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Police extortion complaint: “The officer asked the prisoners to rape me”

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The assertions that the IPS should be raided for not responding to the Comptroller’s request for a report on debts and loans to pay pharmaceutical companies are very reckless, according to Senator Òscar Salomón, who believes that before summoning Vicente Battaglia , the comptroller Camilo Benítez must be called.

“It is very likely that we can invite the controller to talk a bit, his statements are very reckless and must be taken with great careThe one you are denouncing is a very serious issue,” said the president of Congress, Óscar Salomón, when asked about his opinion about the administration in the IPS and the considerations of the Comptroller’s Office.

He added that cHe trusts the men who are managing the IPS, and that until now there has been no request for intervention or formal complaint.

I consider that It is a very difficult institution to manage and that even “significant achievements were made” in this Government, regardless of the fact that there are certain doubts about the way of administration.

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“That’s why we want to be serious, we want to invite the comptroller and have the datathe accusations he makes are very serious, I think that if they are true, the next step would be to summon the head of IPS and see a way out ”, stressed.

Through a note dated December 27, the Comptroller General of the Republic sent the IPS a request for reports and documents on the loan for payments with input suppliersmedicines, products and medical and laboratory instruments, acquired by the institution.

However, the IPS requested an extension of 20 business days to issue the report and also, a “special consideration to the comptroller”, taking into account the magnitude, complexity and volume of documentation handled by the institute.

Camilo Benítez maintained that “Not even they know what they owe” and described the fact as corruption at its best and as something very serious. He added that A search warrant is warranted to obtain what is requested.

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