Police attended 531 cases of violence in Carnival;  in 2019 there were 11,107

Police attended 531 cases of violence in Carnival; in 2019 there were 11,107

Since Saturday during the parade and the three days of the carnival party, the Santa Cruz Police recorded a total of 531 casesthe majority of violence as a result of alcoholic beverages, but there was a substantial reduction with the 2019 administration, which dealt with 11,107 incidents.

Police Commander Colonel Erick Olguín reported that for these festivities the institution mobilized more than 3,000 men in various parts of the capital to carry out control tasks in order to protect order and social peace.

The police chief stated that the comparative tables with the 2019 administration are necessary because in that administration there were no limitations due to the pandemic, although in this last carnival, after the prohibitions due to the health emergency, there were acts of violence due to the unrestrained action of people to the heat of alcoholic beverages.

The results of the lack of control show the balance in the four days of 13 people who died in various circumstances attended by the Special Force to Fight Crime Felcc, under the command of Colonel Julio César Cossío, while the Traffic Directorate, directed by Roberto Porcel, recorded eight dead people making a total of 21 victims.
Transit also reported 47 people injured in road accidents and 34 drunk drivers who were arrested.

The Felcc reported that the inhabitants of a house in the Julio Leigue neighborhood in the north zone went out to carnival, but they never thought that the thieves would take the opportunity to break into their home.

According to reports from the Felcc, when people returned late at night after enjoying the parties in the streets, they discovered that A safe containing Bs 500,000 had disappeared. Those affected denounced and the Police showed that two subjects entered violating the insurance to take the safe with the money. They even pulled the VDRs from the security cameras.

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