Police arrest suspects in stabbing journalist in Brasilia

Police arrest suspects in stabbing journalist in Brasilia

The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) arrested, on the night of this Friday (15), the two suspects of stabbing journalist Gabriel Luiz, from TV Globo, in Brasília. One of the authors of the attempted robbery is 19 years old, his name has not been revealed so far and confessed to the crime in testimony.Police arrest suspects in stabbing journalist in Brasilia

Earlier, investigators from the 3rd Police Station, in Cruzeiro, which is investigating the case, apprehended a 17-year-old teenager who also confessed to participating in the crime. The young man said he held the reporter for his partner to stab him.

Gabriel Luiz, 29, was stabbed last night (14), shortly after 11 pm, near his home in Sudoeste, a neighborhood in the federal capital. After undergoing surgeries at the Hospital de Base do DF, the young man was transferred to a private hospital, where he remains hospitalized in a stable condition. According to investigations, he received about 10 knife blows, which hit regions of the abdomen, arms and neck.


In a press conference on Friday night, the delegates responsible for the case said that the motive for the crime was patrimonial, corroborated in the testimonies of those involved and in the evidence collected.

“According to their testimony, one of the individuals shot the victim with a rear naked choke, while the other stabbed several times. While one was stabbing, the other managed to subtract his wallet and cell phone. victim, it was a victim chosen at random”, described Douglas Fernandes, deputy chief delegate of the 3rd Police Station.

Deputy Peter Raquetat, responsible for the main investigations in the region where the crime took place, added that the two suspects took money that was with the victim. “There was a subtraction of the portfolio, which had values ​​in reais, most likely R$ 250, thus discarding the other lines of investigation that also appeared throughout the day”.

In addition to the wallet, those involved in the attempted robbery also took the victim’s cell phone. The wallet was released with documents and cards, and the cell phone was also located in the vicinity of the apartment where one of the perpetrators of the crime was staying. The location would be a friend’s house.

Also according to investigators, the two suspects said, in testimony, that they used drugs before the crime to justify the brutality of the attack. “They say they were under the influence of drugs and, for that reason, they carried out this brutal act here in our region,” Fernandes said.

The juvenile of legal age arrested does not have a criminal record. After the arrest in flagrante delicto, he must be referred to a custody hearing with a judge, who will decide whether or not to convert the arrest into pretrial detention. The apprehended teenager will have the case investigated by the Child and Adolescent Police Station.

The Civil Police still hopes to collect Gabriel Luiz’s testimony, when he is in good health. The case is being investigated as an attempted robbery.

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