Police arrest American with weapons in his car in Coronado

In the midst of Operation Taurus, carried out in Antón and Coronado, the National Police seized several firearms and arrested a 64-year-old citizen of the United States, for the possible crime Against Collective Security, in the form of Trafficking in firearms and explosives.

His capture was achieved in association with the Public Ministry, Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Organized Crime, after a second police action was implemented in a residence located in Finca Los Pinos de San Juan de Dios, in the district of Antón, province of Coclé.

The action is established through the cooperation of Counterpart Agencies in the United States where the purchase of firearms parts takes place and then they are entered into Panamanian territory by Courier, hidden in different types of air cargo, and then assembled.

Among the evidence collected are a 12-gauge shotgun, a 22-caliber pellet rifle, as well as 40 .380-caliber ammunition, another 40 .357-caliber ammunition as well as 430 .22-caliber ammunition, and 139 12-gauge ammunition.

Another 46 40 caliber ammunition and 361 9 millimeter caliber ammunition were also found, nine AR-1 caliber suppliers, three 380 caliber suppliers, three 40 caliber suppliers, three 5.56 caliber suppliers, nine nine millimeter caliber suppliers and several accessories of possible firearms , all were placed under the orders of the corresponding judicial authorities.

Police arrest American with weapons in his car in Coronado
Police arrest American with weapons in his car in Coronado

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