Luis Andino and Sandy Dávila;  The two new super ambassadors of the dictatorship receive their fifth diplomatic representation

Luis Andino and Sandy Dávila; The two new super ambassadors of the dictatorship receive their fifth diplomatic representation

Sandinista militant Luis Andino, former leader of the Nicaraguan Student Union (UNEN); the repressive arm of the dictatorship within the universities, received his fifth appointment as ambassador to an African country, in this case Ghana. While Sandy Dávila was also confirmed in her fifth simultaneous diplomatic position, and both are already part of the small group of leader Daniel Ortega’s favorites in the diplomatic corps, to whom he assigns four or more simultaneous diplomatic positions and who Article 66 has been baptized as “the super ambassadors.”

Rosario Murillo, second in command of the dictatorship and spokesperson, reported on May 14, in her daily appearance through her propaganda media, that Andino, who serves as resident ambassador in Burkina Faso, “has received the approval to represent us.” as ambassador also, concurrent from Burkina, before the brotherly people and government of the Republic of Ghana.

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Now, Andino is a representative of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship in Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Benin and Ghana. They are all African countries and under governments questioned for their totalitarian tendencies. That appointment was published this Wednesday, May 15, although the agreement came into force on the 13th of the same month.

Meanwhile, the vice dictator also reported that Sandy Dávila, Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Government of Japan, was made official as a representative to the Government of the Philippines, after presenting her credentials to the president of that country, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr.

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Dávila holds five embassies. His appointment in the Philippines had been announced in November last year, but it is only now that he receives the approval. The diplomat represents the dictatorship in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

New ambassadors to the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship

Murillo reported that the ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, from now on, will be Rooge Thammongkol, to whom they have already given approval. The Thai representative will serve concurrently with headquarters in Mexico. Thailand does not have a diplomatic headquarters in Managua.

Likewise, the regime spokesperson highlighted that Mr. Adli Qasem Alkhaledi also presented his style copies to be Jordan’s ambassador.

Murillo proclaims her husband “world leader”

The vice dictator, when introducing the new Jordanian ambassador to Nicaragua, said that they had already spoken with him and conveyed to him “that permanent recognition from our people, from our president, for all the support that we have historically received, in a relationship of respect, of harmony, of solidarity cooperation. Murillo did not specify what ongoing Jordanian aid to Nicaragua he was referring to.

“King Hussein (of Jordan, who died in 1999), always worked for peace with world leaders, among them our commander Daniel (Ortega),” said Murillo, proclaiming, in her world, her husband as a world leader.

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