Police apprehend young man suspected of scams in donations to Petrópolis

Police apprehend young man suspected of scams in donations to Petrópolis

Police officers from the Police Station for Repression of Computer Crimes (DRCI) in Rio de Janeiro seized, today (19), a 15-year-old teenager. He is suspected of hitting people who wanted to help the victims of the tragedy in Petrópolis, a city hit by the storm on Tuesday (15) and which still suffers from the instability of the weather.Police apprehend young man suspected of scams in donations to Petrópolis

The investigation pointed out that the minor created a false profile to deceive those who wanted to make donations. “He used his mother’s checking account to receive the money. The profile used by the teenager was removed from the network and the linked bank account was closed”, informed the Secretary of State for Civil Police (Sepol) of Rio.

The institution added that the police investigate profiles created fraudulently for this type of action. The police station began monitoring social media this week. The work identified two fake profiles on a social network, where they would be harming people worried about the victims of the rains in the city. “Investigations continue to identify other fraudulent profiles and pages”, concluded the Civil Police Secretariat.


The city of Petrópolis today opened a new collection point for large donations sent from other cities. Aid should be directed to Highway BR-040, km 62, s/n, in Itaipava, district of Petrópolis.

The creation of the new post was to give more fluidity to the traffic in the Bingen neighborhood, where donations were directed. Small-volume donations made in the city itself must be sent to support points set up by the city hall.

Deputy Mayor Paulo Mustrangi informed that Bingen is on the route of moving machinery and men who clean the streets and, therefore, it was necessary to organize traffic in the area. “The flow of people in the region taking donations is intense. And we appreciate the help you’re sending. To continue welcoming everyone, we have changed our collection point,” he noted.

With the new address, the donation center – installed in the Bingen gym – was deactivated. The material that is in the place continues to be distributed to the support points where the victims of the rains are.

The Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance stated that several Brazilian cities are sending donations with tons of food and other supplies to be distributed at reception points.

“It is a very strong chain of solidarity and we are immensely grateful. We are committed to getting help to support points and shelters as quickly as possible”, said Social Assistance Secretary Karol Cerqueira.

The greatest needs involve sanitary pads, underwear for both children, men and women, 70º alcohol in gel and liquid, deodorant, geriatric diapers and personal protective masks.

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