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Police accused of bribery and illegal retention, challenge Legal prosecutor

The uniformed officers prosecuted for aggravated passive bribery and deprivation of liberty, challenged the prosecutor of the case, Osmar Legal

Evelyng Jazmín Núñez González and Cemión Arce Mendoza filed a challenge against the prosecutor Osmar Legal, in charge of the investigation.

The police officers commissioned to the 3rd Asunción Police Station are accused of aggravated passive bribery and deprivation of liberty. The justice ratified the preventive detention measure for both.

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On December 5, the owners of “AMPSA Club Condesa” filed a criminal complaint against Johana Rivero Saavedra, for the punishable act of theft. Officer Evelyng Jazmín Núñez took note.

The next day, Johana Riveros Saavedra, accompanied by her daughter under the age of 5, went to the company to try to arrange her dismissal. She later went to the Ministry of Labor, however, on the way, lThe same officer who took the complaint detained the accused “because she did not have an ID”, put her in the patrol car and held her for an hour. She demanded 3 million guaraníes in exchange for letting her go.

The detainee requested that she be allowed to use her cell phone to request the amount from her relatives, who finally came to the place.

“When the relatives approach and threaten to file a complaint for what the officers were doing, they take them to the police station,” the Legal prosecutor recounted in an interview with the media.

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In recent days, the images from the surveillance cameras in the area have been thoroughly verified and the time that the uniformed woman held the complainant was checked.

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