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PNP: Document reveals that the “March for Peace” did have a political purpose

PNP: Document reveals that the "March for Peace" did have a political purpose

A “reserved” document signed by the commanding general of the National Policelieutenant general Raul Alfaro Alvarado, dated December 31, shows that the police institution organized “march for peace” in support of the government and in opposition to the demonstrations that broke out on December 7 with the president Dina Boluarte.

Through a statement circulated today, the PNP He alleged that the police institution “does not have any political opinion or manifestation,” and that it limits itself to promoting “values, attitudes, and behaviors that reject violence.”

However, clearly the “reserved” document of the general commander of the PNP reveals a political intent by encouraging a “march for peace” in opposition to the citizens who expressed their disagreement with the installation of the new regime.

Document dated December 31, 2022. Photo: La República

The document to which this medium had access is reserved. Photo: The Republic

“Taking into consideration the current situation in the country and the events that occurred on December 7 (…), announcements and calls for new marches and public demonstrations have been made through the media, (and) since the National Police has the function of guaranteeing, maintaining and restoring internal order, public order and citizen security (…), provides: (…) that the PNP Generals, heads of the Macrepoles (macro Police Regions), Specialized Directorates, Police Fronts (will) organize and carry out a march for peace on January 3, 2023″, says the “reserved” order signed by the PNP Commander General, a document to which La República had access.

The directive was followed, and PNP social media messages began to circulate calling citizens to the “march for peace”, which had its point of concentration in the Mars field and which would culminate in San Martin Plazaironically controlled by police officers to prevent protest demonstrations against the government of Dina Boluarte.

The growing questioning of the call made by the National Police so that citizens participate in the so-called “march for peace” on Tuesday, forced the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Rojas, to express that the police institution would no longer be part of the demonstration.

“This march has been suspended. It was tried to do it in coordination with our Citizen Security Directorate and the neighbors, but the Police are not going to participate,” said Rojas.

Through a statement the PNP argued that his actions were in accordance with the Constitution, therefore, “to avoid misunderstandings,” he decided that the members of the National Police “refrain from promoting” the march.

Simultaneously, the police institution removed from its official networks the call for a “march for peace.”

The purpose was not only to demonstrate in Lima but in all the places where the PNP.

“The concentration prior to the march must be carried out half an hour in advance in the Plaza de Armas of the respective police jurisdictions, suggesting that the police personnel of frank and available participant be dressed in sneakers, jeam and white polo shirt, carrying white balloons, banners and/or banners with slogans alluding to peace”, specifies the disposition of the General Commander of the National Police.

It is even warned that he was going to verify the presence of the policeotherwise you would receive a penalty

“The IG PNP (the General Inspectorate of the National Police) will carry out the corresponding actions to guarantee compliance with this provision, having to establish disciplinary administrative responsibility in case of non-compliance”, reads the “reserved” document.

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