Missing baby case;  Changing the security camera UPS cost G. 29 million

Missing baby case; Changing the security camera UPS cost G. 29 million

Hernán Galeano, prosecutor in charge of investigating the disappearance of a newborn baby on Friday from the San Pablo Hospital, reported that at noon on Monday, there was still no news.

Vicente Acuña, director of the San Pablo Hospital, reported that there were security cameras that were not working because the UPS that worked with those devices had burned down.

“We have many security cameras, but precisely the ones in that sector were not working. They stopped working 10 days ago. Replacing the UPS costs a lot of money and we don’t have petty cash to buy so quickly when it breaks down. There is a whole process that must be carried out, we also do not have technical people who can solve the problem immediately, ”he reported.

Acuña recently asked a private company to carry out a survey to see how everything can be accelerated. The cost needed to repair the UPS is G. 29 million. But those responsible for the hospital requested a new budget from another company.

“If we had the cameras working we would be able to identify the person who left the room. Maybe you could have had the image, we would have now had a person to look for, ”she said.

The woman who kidnapped the minor would be around 40 years old and has a robust build. She approached the baby’s mother to ask about a patient (who had already been discharged some time ago), and in confidence, the mother asked her to take care of the minor while she went to the bathroom. Coming out of it, she no longer found them.

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