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PLRA: proxy entered dark rooms to pressure, they accuse

A representative of the PLRA, of the Liberal Integration Front movement, was denounced for “inducing the vote.”

He himself was photographed on several occasions, according to the report, when he accompanied voters to the dark room.

When asked about the issue, Bareiro replied that he only accompanied “people with different abilities” or adults with problems in handling the voting machine.

“We only accompany people with disabilities or older adults with problems operating the machine,” Bareiro remarked.

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However, the complaints against him have already been forwarded to the TSJE and the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office. And you must answer the questions that approached those areas.

In the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, meanwhile, they announced that they have already taken the complaint about this and other crimes committed throughout the inmates in the Coalition and in the ANR.



Representative of the FIL, he denied directed vote.

Once again Christian Bareiro “accompanying” voters to the dark room.

denounce "directed vote" at the Concertación venue.

Christian Bareiro, in a dark room with another voter.

The entrance PLRA: proxy entered dark rooms to pressure, they accuse was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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