Plane with 113 passengers caught fire in China

Plane with 113 passengers caught fire in China

A Tibet Airlines plane caught fire at China’s Chongqing airport after skidding off the runway. the airline said, noting that passengers and crew They were safely evacuated.

The flight, with 113 passengers and nine crew, was en route from Chongqing to the Tibetan city of Nyingchi when the crew noticed “abnormalities” and “suspended take-off,” causing the runway to go off the runway and the fire, the company said.

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Chinese state media images they showed the flames spreading across the plane’s wing while the frightened passengers fled the scene.

“All passengers and crew were safely evacuated,” Tibet Airlines said in a statement. “Passengers affected they only suffer minor injuries and have been sent to the hospital for treatment,” the airline added.

The airport said in a statement that About 40 passengers with minor injuries were sent to hospital.

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Operations at the airfield returned to normal and “The cause of the incident is being investigated.”added the statement.

According to the website, specialized in air fleets, the aircraft was an Airbus A319 whose first flight dates from the end of 2012.

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The incident comes weeks after a China Eastern flight between Kunming and Guangzhou plunged without explanation from more than 8,000 meters high up the side of a mountain, killing all 132 people on board, in March.

So far no explanation has been offered. to this disaster, the deadliest in 30 years in Chinese aviation.

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