El cine 23 y 12, en La Habana, una de las sedes del Festival de Cine Europeo. Foto: Granma / Archivo.

European Film Festival returns to Havana after two years on hiatus due to COVID-19

A total of 22 fiction films and four documentaries make up the program of the fifth European Film Festival in Cuba, which returns to Havana after two years of forced hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the films that will be exhibited to the Cuban public are the Italian the easy lifethe Belgian the green goldthe Austrian Oscar & Lilithe Bulgarian-Greek The fatherthe French perfume, and the Franco-German The auditionas reported by the Embassy of the European Union (EU) in Cuba and the Cinemateca de la Isla, during a press conference held this Wednesday.

According to a office from the agency Latin Press (PL)the film My brother chases dinosaursan Italian-Spanish co-production and debut feature by director Stefano Cipani, will be in charge of opening the usual show, which he classifies as “the one with the greatest audiovisual participation since its opening.”

Antonio Mazón, film critic and promoter, told the outlet that the selected films were produced between 2018 and 2021, and most correspond to the first or second work of their filmmakers, who have presented them in prestigious competitions such as the San Sebastián festivals, Sundance, Toronto and Cannes.

“The objective is to reflect the philosophy of our presence in Cuba, deepen Cuba’s rapprochement with Europe,” he explained to the agency. EFE the EU ambassador to Cuba, the Portuguese Isabel Brilhante Pedroso.

The diplomat was very pleased that the film Festivalwhich will take place from May 18 to 29, can be held again after two years of suspension due to the pandemic.

“I am very pleased,” said the ambassador, who highlighted the “meaning” of the initiative in “a country that is a movie buff and has a strong cinematographic tradition.”

remark EFE that the selection of films, with the participation of 24 of the 27 EU countries, covers a diverse and current thematic range: from migration and its effects to work in the elderly, passing through other topics such as sexual diversity, childhood and faith.

The European diplomat added that the films are “the best expression” of the community motto of “united in diversity” and stressed that some of the films are not easy to find in theaters outside the EU.

“It is a sovereign opportunity for the Havana public to enjoy diverse and high-quality films,” said Brilhante, who added to the Spanish media that his “great goal” is in the future to be able to take the festival out of Havana and take it “to other cities in the country.

The initiative will have three venues in the Cuban capital and will also include a concert, an exhibition of restored posters of film classics and a production workshop.

The European Film Festival in Cuba is one of the first cultural activities, together with the International Book Fair (FIL) in Havana, which return after the suspension due to the restrictions of the pandemic, recalls EFE.

EFE / OnCuba

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