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These end of the year dates it is common to prepare a large amount of food and in this context the nutrition specialist recommends eating meals made at the moment to avoid gastrointestinal infections; and in the face of excessive heat, nourish yourself with fresh food, fruits, vegetables and constantly hydrate.

The Lic. Rocio Arguellonutritionist from the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the Faculty of Medical Sciences UNA, mentioned that despite the number of meals that are prepared, the idea is to eat in a measured way trying to preserve the diet and continue to do so in a healthy way, respecting the timing and frequency of each meal.

He stressed that it is essential not to skip meals, especially to be careful with binge eating. “Not wanting to compensate, for example, the idea that because I’m going to have a lot of dinner, I’m not going to have a snack or I’m not going to have lunch or I’m going to fast before, that’s the worst thing a person can do, because that’s where they binge when they arrive too hungry and overeat”.

Another very important point mentioned by the professional is when the person he gives his permission or thinks “this is the last time I eat like this, then I take care of myself” and consumes triple what he normally should because the next time he goes on a diet, it is not recommended, it is the worst decision. It is essential to maintain the frequency of meals as it should be and with healthy foods, especially not to stop doing it, he stressed.

As for alcoholic beverages, the idea is to do it in a measured, moderate way and try to mix it with water because alcohol does not hydrate.

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In relation to people with diabetes, Lic. Argüello said that care must be taken excess carbohydrates, including baked goods, Paraguayan soup, chipa guazú, rice and potato salads. Likewise, with sweets, sweet bread, nougat, then the idea is to be able to measure the quantity. It is important to know that it is always better to eat whole grain breads with seeds that add fiber to the food.

For the diabetic patient there are no prohibited foods, it is control the amount and see how those foods enter the body. They should always be accompanied by proteins, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese and vegetables, adding healthy fats such as olive oil, then in this way it prevents blood sugar spikes from forming when one consumes food with carbohydrates”, concluded the professional.

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