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Plagiarism? Artist Says Shakira’s New Song Is Similar To His

Plagiarism?  Artist Says Shakira's New Song Is Similar To His

Shakira has thousands of fans talking about the song she made with the Argentine producer Bizarrap. In the so-called ‘tiradera’ (track with strong criticism or sarcasm), the Colombian sent taunts to her ex Gerard Piqué after ending the 12-year relationship that left two little ones, Milan and Sasha.

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The one that is already considered a success is part of the Bizarrap sessions, in which he invites artists of different genres; they put the voice and the lyrics and the Argentine is in charge of the musical mix. For the project called BZRP Music Sessions have gone from Nathy Peluso, Duki, Paulo Londra to Residente, who dedicated several verses to J Balvin.

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With a play on words, the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ returned to refer to her ex-Spanish and even to her new girlfriend, Clara Chía.

I understood that it is not my fault that they criticize you. I only make music, sorry that it splashes you” and “he has the name of a good person, clearly it is not what it sounds like. She has the name of a good person, she is clearly the same as you”, are some of the explosive verses.

Listening to the composition the Venezuelan Briella was in “shock” and “trembling”, because he says that found similar parts in the chorus and rhythm with a single of his:I think Shakira was inspired by my song ‘Solo tú’ to do her Bizarrap Session”.

The artist, whose first name is Maria Gabriela Otaiza, He dabbled in music several years ago. According to her profile on the Spotify platform, after becoming known on social networks for her compositions, in 2021 she formally released several singles focused on the “reggaeton genre with a fresh and innovative sound.”

I released my song six months ago and it went viral on TikTok”, he highlighted, showing that one of the videos published on the platform exceeded eight million views.

He also expressed that Since she was little she has been a follower of the barranquillera: She has been an inspiration. (…). I’m not doing this to look for trouble. I’m a lifelong fan of Shakira, I’m a fan of Bizarrap’s work. I’m in ‘shock’, I don’t know what to do”.

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“Honestly, if my song was used as an inspiration, if they were inspired in any way, I would like to at least get the credit because to me as a songwriter that is worth too much,” he added.

He said, had Shakira’s team asked her if they could use a part of her song, she would have given it a thumbs up. I love her. I don’t want you to misunderstand the situation. This makes me a little nervous because I don’t like controversy. I don’t want them to think that I’m doing it with bad intentions.”, he concluded and reiterated that he is an admirer of the interpreter of ‘Loba’.

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Bizarrap and Shakira, Music Sessions #53.


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