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Pilcomayo River: levels remain stable and falling

Meanwhile, in Villamontes, Bolivia, on January 18, there was a downspout of 0.77 meters, while in Mission La Paz-Pozo Hondo, the waters reached 3.16 meters, well below what is usual for this time of year.

In the La Estrella marsh, Argentina, the water advances slowly, it has already passed the area of ​​Fortín Soledad, although it still does not cover its entire surface.

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Meanwhile, in the area of ​​Fortín General Díaz, department of Presidente Hayes, the river remains stable at 2.30 meters, as well as at the bridge at km 6.3 where it measured 2.80 meters deep, in both cases considered low levels.

On the other hand, it should be taken into account that the Current conditions of the Pilcomayo are due to the lack of important rains in Bolivia. In this sense, there was a situation Critical since late spring due to this factor.

Since mid december it started to rain and that gave a breather, once again reactivating the channels of Argentina and increasing to a certain extent their flow in Paraguay. However, it did not rain enough and levels are still below historical averages.

According to the perspectives of experts in the field, from February the rainfall would return to normal, thus cutting the La Niña cycle, but only in April would this be reflected in the Pilcomayo river.

It should be noted that the current drought is historic worldwide.

La Niña tends to record below-normal rainfall and is a phenomenon that produces cooling large-scale changes in surface waters in the central and eastern parts of the equatorial Pacific, as well as other changes in the tropical atmospheric circulation in winds, pressure, and precipitation.

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