Pig farmers denounce that the Executive has negotiated bad treaties that are affecting the sector

The Trade Promotion Agreement with the United States keeps the country’s producers concerned, as they consider that it is a threat that is affecting their production.

Juan Guevara from the Association of United Pig Farmers of Panama, said that there are more than 23 treaties that Panama has made, in which there are commitments to receive merchandise and agricultural products, however “we have not been able to sell anything abroad due to the delay that We have in Panama regarding the provisions that producers must have in order to export, starting with certifications, slaughterhouses and others ”.

He stressed that badly negotiated treaties have been affecting the sector per year, around the import of pork, so he considers this to be worrying because the same will happen in other areas.

Guevara revealed that last year some 23 thousand tons of imported pork were received in the country, which represents 30% of national consumption.

“These quantities are supposed to increase much more, because they are taking over Panamanian markets because there is no such control over these imports. In the treaties it is said that once you pay a tariff, that every day that percentage decreases, you can bring whatever amount is, ”he explained.

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