Piedras Blancas: they arrived with long weapons, shot at a group and killed two

An attack with long weapons committed this Sunday around 11:00 p.m. on a street in the Piedras Blancas neighborhood of Montevideo left two people killed and two injured.according to a police report to which he agreed The Observer.

The police received several complaints on Sunday night about shots in Camino Leandro Gómez between Sistina and Veinte Metros streets. One version is that the shots came from a vanother than two people on a motorcycle started shooting with long weapons, “possibly machine guns”to a group of people who were in the street, the police reported.

According to the part, There were signs of shots throughout the block, in which 18 pods and three projectiles were found.. Two people were killed: a 60-year-old man, with no history, shot in the chestY another 18-year-old man, also without a record, who was hospitalized with several gunshot wounds and died early Monday morning.

The young man had been referred to the Malinas Polyclinic, in Jardines del Hipódromo, but Due to the saturation of the center, he had to be referred to the Tula Polyclinic in Piedras Blancas, where he died.

Two people were also injured. a 29 year old man with two records for co-authorship of homicide and receiving that he was hospitalized after receiving more than one of the bullets fired in the street, and another 27 year old manwith three criminal records for robberies, who received an impact on his left leg.

The latter was taken to the hospital by a neighbor of the area, did not want to make the complaint for the factsand stated that he was “on public roads walking when you feel hurt”, highlighted the police report.

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