Javier Bertucci announced that he was cancer-free two months after being diagnosed

Javier Bertucci announced that he was cancer-free two months after being diagnosed

Bertucci indicated that he will gradually rejoin activities both in the National Assembly and in other organizations

The deputy of the National Assembly elected in December 2020 Javier Bertucci announced on Sunday, May 29, that he is cancer-free, after several months of having received a negative diagnosis of his health due to the presence of the disease.

Bertucci indicated in March 2022 that he suffered from this anomaly in his body during a meeting with his faithful from the Maranatha Christian Church.

“Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer”; Bertucci said at the Maranatha Church. Alluding to his spiritual beliefs, he added that “I am convinced of the mercy and goodness of my Lord Jesus,” he said then, according to the portal. VenezuelaNews.

Two months after the announcement, Javier Bertucci pointed out that when he went to the doctor to be told what treatment to follow to improve, he was declared medically healthy. He assures that he underwent tests twice to confirm the absence of cancer in his body.

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“I repeated the exam, and the doctor confirmed my current state of health. The doctor told me: I can’t treat someone who is healthy. There is no vestige of cancer in your body,” he recounted.

Javier Bertucci, pastor of the Maranatha Christian Church, attributed his improved health to the power of Jesus; after the faithful gathered in several churches inside and outside the country to pray for his improvement and to fast as part of their offering for the benefit of the also parliamentarian’s improvement.

“We let science go as far as it can, and after that, we use faith to go where science can’t,” Bertucci urged the church.

He also announced that he will gradually join the activities and responsibilities he has both in the organizations he leads and in the National Assembly, according to a press release.

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