Pfizer doses will be used for booster

Pfizer doses will be used for booster

The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, pointed out that Pfizer’s doses “they should also be used as reinforcement”taking into account the arrival of more than six million doses of this pharmaceutical company on February 10 and the expectation of a shipment with three million more.

(More than a million anticovid vaccines donated by Spain arrived).

Regarding the recent doubts about Pfizer vaccines that do not have the logo on the packaging, the Ministry clarified that they had dialogues with the pharmaceutical company to determine that the name Comirnaty does indeed appear, which could lead to confusion, “but with peace of mind we can tell people that it is the vaccine of this pharmaceutical company”, clarified the head of the Health portfolio.

The Minister also took the opportunity to clarify the disabilities due to covid-19. He explained that the employer is the one who will determine whether or not the person can work at home, in the mild course of the disease.

He also indicated that the EPS must certify the seven-day isolation. In the event that the employer determines that he cannot work from home, “The worker must present his disability with the EPS, and this could be extended if the person’s condition is severe or does not improve,” he added.


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