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PF will work with more than a thousand police officers in the security of the presidential inauguration

Six people remain hospitalized after attack in Aracruz

The PF also informs that it will operate with the other security forces in favor of the events of the presidential inauguration, in order to comply with its legal attributions as well as effectively guarantee the protection of the authorities under its responsibility.

“The protection of each authority undergoes a risk analysis, which indicates the appropriate level of protection and the security apparatus that will be made available. New facts are always taken into account and, if necessary, may lead to an eventual increase in protection and readjustments in operational planning, which is dynamic”, says the PF in a note.

In the statement, the PF adds that it has also monitored “the movements and adverse events since the end of the 2nd round of the Elections, collecting data and acting in an integrated manner with the other security forces”. Several reports are being produced, serving as advisory services to the directors, in order to provide decision-making for the maintenance of public order”, completes the note.

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