They expected "to attend in a respectful manner": They suspended an immigration official for aggression in El Dorado

They expected “to attend in a respectful manner”: They suspended an immigration official for aggression in El Dorado

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it is a “provisional suspension” for alleged assault on a citizen at the Bogotá airport.

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The scandal of the assault of a migration official on a passenger at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá has a new chapter, now a “provisional suspension” has been confirmed for the person involved.

Regarding the case, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it will be “for three months the official of the Special Administrative Unit for Migration Colombia, Jaime Alonso Sánchez.”

They explained that from the Disciplinary Investigation Chamber they stated that when the situation arose, what they expected of him “was that he would guide and attend in a respectful, decent manner and with the rectitude that the position imposes.”

Likewise, through a statement they stated that the provisional suspension is aimed at:

  • “Ensure that an event like the one under investigation is not repeated, a scenario that due to the characteristics of the charge could arise and lead to disproportionate conduct like the one that took place.”

aggression and scandal

“Nothing justifies the violence or the fact that he has attacked the passenger,” was the almost generalized questioning after the act in which a Colombian Migration agent kicked a passenger in El Dorado, and tried to attack the person who recorded it and they had him to withdraw his companions, but the other side of the story also led citizens to question the passenger who admitted, having thrown a “madrazo” at the official.

Engineer Juan Ramón Camarillo, who was returning from Brazil to Colombia, was the passenger hit.

intolerance and aggression

The delay in the process to be able to enter led to a discussion that escalated, the traveler acknowledged having insulted the Migration official, but assured that “I never (physically) attacked him.”

In addition, he maintains that the aggression he received was an issue related to racism.

However, many allege that it was not racism, but an act of mutual intolerance, in which the official exceeded.

In a video that another Colombian who arrived from Brazil and who was at the Colombian Migration site, the official is seen kicking Camarillo, he tried to jump on him and the colleagues intervened. Then, the government entity worker tried to avoid being recorded and slapped the traveler who was pointing her cell phone camera.

Another agent of the entity intervened, and although she made her partner withdraw, she told the woman: “Calm down, don’t record.”

Given this attitude, many questioned his tone, the form of coercion he used and that he would not have known how to handle the situation of exaltation either.

They expected "to attend in a respectful manner": They suspended an immigration official for aggression in El Dorado

The woman who recorded, explained what happened and what she was a direct witness:

It is not justified but there is “a lot of rudeness”

There are opinions on both sides, which point out that in Colombia Migration in El Dorado “they mistreat travelers.”

They report that officials do not know how to clarify doubts, “they are bad faced”, that they do not know how to deal with situations of exaltation and other inconveniences with passengers.

While, on the part of the officials, the answer is “you have to put up with rudeness all the time”, they point out that there are travelers who do not meet the requirements and get upset if they cannot continue, many are asked for a document and “immediately denounce discrimination”.

In addition, the same union of Migration workers, assured that there is an overload of work and permanent stress.

Although the union’s responses and justification generated more controversy and even claims.

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