PF launches action to combat international cocaine trafficking

PF launches action to combat international cocaine trafficking

The Federal Police (PF), in partnership with Interpol, set off today (20) Operation Double Risk in order to dismantle criminal organizations specialized in transnational drug trafficking. The action has the support of the Spanish, Swiss and Portuguese police.PF launches action to combat international cocaine trafficking

Seven preventive arrest warrants are being served in Brazil, three arrest warrants in Europe (two in Spain and one in Portugal) and 80 search and seizure warrants in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo, as well as blocking orders. of bank accounts, kidnappings and seizures of real estate and luxury vehicles.

The investigation began in 2017, which, according to the PF, made it possible to understand the functioning of all stages of the crimes committed – from the co-option of recruits, the preparation of bags containing the drug, the purchase of tickets and accommodation to the delivery of the drug. for traffickers abroad.

“The enticed people were prepared to pose as tourists and thus take the drug abroad, especially Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Sometimes, criminal organizations convinced the suspects to take their own minor children on these trips, as another way of trying to elude the inspection.”

Also according to the corporation, the groups co-opted young people with no criminal history, usually low-income people, under the promise of easy and exorbitant profits, deceiving them with the possibility of traveling to Europe with expenses paid, including the purchase of clothing for the trip.

Those investigated will answer for the crimes of transnational drug trafficking, criminal organization and money laundering, with penalties that can cumulatively reach 33 years in prison.

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