PF investigates fraud in insurance claims for lost goods

PF investigates fraud in insurance claims for lost goods

The Federal Police launched Operation Boomerangue today (8th), with the objective of repressing a group that would have defrauded the sending of insured parcels via the Post Office. Six search and seizure warrants are being executed in Pará, Goiás and the Federal District.PF investigates fraud in insurance claims for lost goods

According to the PF, the investigated had been acting for more than a year. They sent insured objects worth close to R$10,000 to several cities in Pará.

These orders were then misplaced inside the Post Office, with the help of some employees. Then the criminals claimed the payment of insurance for not receiving the goods.

“The partnership between Correios and the PF allowed the identification of criminals and the development of methods that can avoid, in the future, new criminal practices”, informs the PF. During the investigations, it was found that some packages contained pieces of wood instead of cell phones.

The suspects will be liable for the crimes of embezzlement, criminal association and money laundering. Added together, the sentences can reach 19 years in prison.

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