Pets and their sterilization among the best care

Pets are that special member of the family that between meows and barks steal hearts at home and depending on tastes, dogs or cats, one, two, three or as many as desired, they are in many cases a reason for joy, experiences and anecdotes

Melisa, the downstairs neighbor, realized that first and only when she decided to have her first plants, did she feel something different when taking care of them, pampering them and sharing them. Her love for green, flowers, quickly got to her and her house took on a new energy.

It was thus that, one fine day, he became fond of plants with a flirtatious black and white michi, taller than average and with fur like that of a lion, who, between outings, especially at dinner time, Melisa fell in love with that stranger and he became and was called My Cat.

Out of nowhere, but with a secure previous address, due to his docile behavior and affection towards humans, when cats are mostly characterized by being very reserved and independent, Mi Gato settled in a new home from one day to the next.

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And time went by, until Federica arrived, the black cat, but very black, taken from the book of superstitions. To make a long story short, when the cat couple began to trust each other, it was because their owner Melisa understood the importance of sterilizing pets.

My cat and Federica had such good chemistry, as so many of them do, that Melisa constantly repeated her mission as a midwife, precious kittens were born, however, she was worried about so many new kittens, without the possibility of finding an owner for each one, unprotected in the streets.

Like Federica, a former street cat who, fortunately, found her home, there are hundreds of kittens that today roam the streets, homeless, sick, malnourished and without a reproductive brake who suffer the misfortune of belonging only to the light of the evening.

With several heats a year, so many cats on the streets become hungry colonies infected with viruses, hence the importance, first, that each pet has a home, or at least remains under the care of a shelter, and second, that that they are sterilized.

Federica, unfortunately, due to her character, has not yet been sterilized, however, Cucky, one of her pups, for knowing and feeling what the care and affection of being born in her home are, one day she did admit the visit to the veterinarian. From having nothing, Melisa started to have many plants of various types in her house, plus a feline family made up of a mother, father and daughter.

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