Block 95: Communities prevent the transit of barges that transport oil, warns PetroTal

PetroTal resumed operations in the Brittany North Field of Block 95, after reaching agreements

PetroTal announced the resumption of its activities after the lifting of the river blockade carried out by the Indigenous Association for the Development and Conservation of Lower Puinahua (Aidecobap) against the North Brittany field, located in the district of Puinahua (Requena, ), having reached agreements with the mediation of the Government.

Luis Pantoja, general manager of PetroTal, stressed that, after an extensive dialogue process, a consensus was reached that will allow the continuation of operations of the lot with the largest production of crude oil in the country, with an average of 20,000 barrels per day.

By virtue of the agreements signed by the company, the Government and Aidecobap, the association promised to immediately lift the river blockade. Likewise, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, through Ministerial Resolution No. 144-2022-Minem/DM, promotes the creation of a technical committee to analyze the situation of the communities and hamlets in the area of ​​direct influence of the Brittany North camp. .

According to the resolution published today in the official newspaper El Peruano, the technical work table will include representatives of the communities such as the Board of Authorities of Puinahua.

In this sense, an act was signed, which indicates that the Government, through Perupetroundertakes to propose the incorporation of an addendum to the license contract to implement the so-called Fund for the Development of Puinahua, proposed by PetroTal to finance projects and interventions for the benefit of all the communities and localities of the district.

Puinahua Development Fund

PetroTal proposes to implement the Fund for the Development of Puinahua, to which it allocates the value of 2.5% of the supervised production of Block 95 every 15 days, except in periods of social conflict that paralyze the operation and/or transportation of crude oil.

These resources are a commitment of the company that is not part of the royalties it contributes, nor does it generate any cost to the State. The fund’s management proposal contemplates the democratic election of the representatives of all the localities of the Puinahua producing district to ensure its legitimacy and the representativeness of the population.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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