Rosario Murillo: «April is to celebrate the peace for which we fight so much»

Murillo, against Catholic leaders: “Jesus does not preach hatred or perversion”

Rosario Murillo, vice president of Nicaragua, closed the week by announcing her activities alluding to Holy Week and at the same time alluding to the Nicaraguan opposition and religious leaders, affirming that her regime “lives in peace.”

Making use of her questioned “religious faith”, the first lady affirmed that she follows “the example of Jesus”. «From the inspiring example of Christ Jesus who teaches concord, who shows us brotherhood; that he tells us what it is to know how to live in peace, that he does not proclaim hatred or perversion, on the contrary he is the Prince of peace and love».

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In reference to the holidays for the senior week, the Ortega government spokeswoman said that “this blessed Nicaragua lives in peace; this Nicaragua that gives thanks to God because we live in peace, this Nicaragua that from today is encouraged, is mobilized to celebrate the passion and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

He recalled that as of this Friday, April 8, state workers go on vacation and return on April 19, the date on which the people of Nicaragua commemorate the civic rebellion of 2018, which was repressed by the Police and paramilitaries, but that Murillo affirms that what took place in the country was an attempted “coup d’état” against his dictatorship.

“April 2018 was a psychological impact for Rosario Murillo”

“Today the holidays begin for the working families of the State, until Tuesday, April 19, celebrating our victories, in victories of peace, in victories of the families, in victories of the communities. Victory of a good people, a people that believes, a people that trust in God and that trust in God is not betrayed by anything,” emphasized the deputy dictator.

According to the also wife of dictator Daniel Ortega, there are six thousand activities for this weekend, where “life in peace as it should be, life with love and respect” is supposedly celebrated.

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In addition, he announced that April 19 will be celebrated as Athlete’s Day. “We will celebrate them as it should be, in peace because with hate never again,” Murillo sentenced.

As the commemoration of the social protests four years ago approached, Rosario Murillo’s hate speech came to the fore, ranting against the Catholic Church, independent journalists, political prisoners, and against the United States government.

The Government of Daniel Ortega is accused of being the actor of crimes against humanity against protesters in the 2018 social protests, however, the dictatorship denies the sealings and affirms that “it is respectful of human rights.”

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