Petrobras records record production and sale of S-10 diesel in 2021

Petrobras records record production and sale of S-10 diesel in 2021

Petrobras recorded record production and sales of S-10 diesel in 2021. S-10 diesel is a low sulfur fuel. 21.2 billion liters were produced, an increase of 10% compared to 2020, and 25.8 billion liters were sold, revealing an expansion of 34.7% in the same comparison.Petrobras records record production and sale of S-10 diesel in 2021

The company clarified that, to meet its sales contracts, its production of S-10 diesel is complemented by imports carried out by Petrobras itself.

According to the company, the growth in consumption of S-10 diesel oil is associated with the modernization of the national fleet and guarantees the best environmental and economic results for users. Currently, the sale of the S-10 corresponds to more than half of Petrobras’ total diesel sales.

“The numbers reflect the company’s efforts to expand the offer of the product with lower sulfur content and that meets the most modern technologies of engines in use in Brazil”, said the company.

The goal is to invest US$ 2.6 billion in expanding the capacity of Petrobras’ refineries by 2026, which will result in an additional production of more than 300,000 barrels per day of S-10 diesel oil. At the end of that period, all the diesel oil produced by Petrobras will be S-10, guaranteed the company.

types of diesel

Two types of automotive diesel oil are currently sold in Brazil, S-500 diesel and S-10 diesel. Oils meet the needs of different vehicle technologies. While the S-500 is intended for vehicles produced until 2011, guaranteeing them a lower consumption, in compliance with current emission legislation, vehicles produced from 2012 onwards must use S-10 diesel oil, which allows meeting the limits of emissions defined by the National Council for the Environment (Conama).

Petrobras said that the use of S-10 diesel oil in vehicles produced before 2012 does not cause any problems in relation to the use or emissions of local pollutants, but it can cause an increase in consumption.

The company is betting on the use of new technologies to provide products that help improve air quality and are competitive in terms of cost. It considers S-10 diesel oil essential for the performance of engines produced from 2012 onwards, due to the positive impacts in reducing particulate matter emissions by up to 80% and nitrogen oxides by up to 98%.

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