Petrobras announces additional payment of shareholder remuneration

Petrobras defends price readjustments to avoid shortages

Petrobras released today (18) a press release in which it defends the readjustment of fuel prices in accordance with the international oil market. The Brazilian state-owned company informed that this movement is necessary to avoid risks of shortages.Petrobras defends price readjustments to avoid shortages

According to the company, price adjustments are important for the Brazilian market to continue to be supplied by distributors, importers and producers.

Petrobras reported that the readjustments announced on March 10, which included increases of 18% in gasoline and 24.9% in diesel, were a response to the surge in international prices, resulting from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on 24 of February.

According to the note, Petrobras only made the adjustment on March 11, that is, two weeks later. Still, the company says the increases only reflected part of the rise in international oil prices, “which were heavily impacted by limited supply in the face of world demand for energy.”

The company also highlighted that “it is sensitive to the impacts of prices on society and maintains daily monitoring of the market at this challenging and high volatility moment, not being able to anticipate decisions on maintenance or price adjustments”.

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