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Peru warns that the wear and tear of Machu Picchu should concern humanity

Peru Machu Picchu
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The Minister of Culture of Peru, Betssy Chávez, warned this Saturday that the wear of Machu Picchu should concern not only Peruviansbut to all mankind. A reflection that he made in Cuzco where these days various ministries and institutions are holding meetings on the protection of the site.

“Really, the wear and tear on our heritage should concern all Peruvians, but also all of humanity. Because this is the legacy that we are leaving to humanity », said Chávez about the Inca citadel, according to a statement from his office.

The minister met with the regional governor of Cuzco, Jean Paul Benavente, the mayor of Machu Picchu, Darwin Baca, and with representatives of the unions that are in charge of the tourism sector in this region to promote new agreements in relation to the safeguarding of heritage Peruvian.

These weeks there have been protests in Aguas Calientes (population from where the citadel is accessed) and also debates about the capacity of the place. This is because Unesco recommends a number of daily visitors that is not shared by workers in the area.

“I have come to keep my word to be in Machu Picchu today. Today I have visited the Llaqta of Machu Picchu and there is a visible deterioration”, declared Chávez. He added that “sincere information” is needed to take it to the next ordinary meeting of the Machu Picchu Management Unit.

Peru warns that the wear and tear of Machu Picchu should concern humanity

He indicated that in order to find a way out of the current situation surrounding the Inca citadel, he must have the opinion of the public and acknowledged that the pandemic “has exposed many shortcomings of the State.”

“We have to work across the board. On the one hand, heritage protection. Because without heritage there is no tourism, but it is important to inject these words of responsible tourism », he pointed out.

On Monday, August 15, the Ministry of Culture, Foreign Trade and Tourism, Environment, the Regional Government of Cuzco and the Municipality of Machu Picchu -the entities that make up the Machu Picchu Management Unit- met in Lima to reach agreements in relation to the protection of the heritage of the Llaqta.

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